on Global News Halifax

Aug 21, 2014

Roost selected as the 2014 pick for One Book Nova Scotia. Interview with Jeff Mercer, Co-Chair, One Book Nova Scotia.


in the Daily Herald-Tribune

Sep 26, 2013

“A light, fast read, but there’s something about it that captures the humour, darkness and realness of life… It’s a bold, refreshing read.”
— Alexis Kienlen, Daily Herald-Tribune

on Reading in Bed

Aug 24, 2013

“I loved how present the children are. I often find that children are seen and not heard in literature, but anyone who’s had children knows that they are everywhere – their voices, their messes, their routines and habits that must be observed. Roost is not about the children, really, but they are always in the picture.”
— Laura Frey, Reading in Bed

in the Halifax Chronicle Herald

Jul 26, 2013

“It’s in subverting the myths of motherhood that Bryan delights.”
— Carol Bruneau, Halifax Chronicle Herald

in Quill and Quire

Jun 14, 2013

“In the vein of hip, modern mothers like Kelly Oxford, Bryan mines the experiences of Claudia’s children for humour… Little Joan is the funniest character, a defiant toddler who insists on dressing up for Halloween as a ‘cat squirrel.’”
— Alison Broverman, Quill and Quire

in “Your Head is Not a Facebook Page”

Jun 3, 2013

Interview with Maurice Miereau, The Winnipeg Review

in The Winnipeg Review

Jun 3, 2013

“Bryan’s dialogue and character interaction are so spot on, and the rare occasion where she does take the chance and delves beneath the super funny surface of asshole-dom, she is dazzling.”
— Lee Kvern, The Winnipeg Review

in a TV interview with FPTV Canada

May 10, 2013

TV interview with FPTV Canada (story in Portuguese, interview in English).

in the Sackville Tribune-Post

May 8, 2013

“[Roost] is earning rave reviews for its humourous and realistic take on parenting and the challenges that come with it.”
— Katie Tower, Sackville Tribune-Post